Who Can Benefit?

Commitment to our patients:

At the Sydney Institute for Obesity Surgery, We value our patients and demonstrate our commitment to their long term weight loss success.

We encourage our patients to return to the clinic 4-6 weeks in the first year especially, and then every 3 months after this, We like to see you every 6 months to check your weight loss and your health in general.

We like to know that you are healthy and well as it is very important that your weight loss is very healthy and balanced.

We are very proud of the efforts and successes of our patients, the work is very rewarding when we see our patients happy, healthy and doing well with their weight loss programe.

We put our patients first:

As a comprehensive program, we offer many services to support you on your weight loss journey. Our monthly support group is available to all of our patients so that they can exchange ideas & experiences. It is invaluable to know that you are not alone. We find that the group has the capacity to assist its members in ways that the professional team could not. Whilst there is an educational focus each meeting, patients learn much from each other.

This is why our group attendance is totally free, and part of not only our commitment to you, but the SIOS advantage.

Our Team:

Other weight loss programs refer their patients to allied health providers such as dietitians and psychologists who are merely associated with the program, but we do not. Our program focuses on providing all the support you require from one centre, from health care professionals who are carefully selected to work on our team. You ought not be travelling all over Sydney in order to obtain the support you need. Our team is well qualified in their own disciplines and have obtained additional qualifications/experience in either obesity, weight loss, or surgery. They are each active members of the peak national and international obesity surgery societies and associations.

Their qualifications and experience are available for you to see, on this web site. Additionally, our team has a special interest in patients of size, and are chosen for their high calibre, empathy and compassion for the specific needs of our patients. Another SIOS advantage!

  • International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders
  • The American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
  • American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery
  • Obesity surgery society of australia and newzealand
  • Society for surgery of the alimentary